The all place is accessible in wheelchair, even the panoramic sundeck. Each room is equipped and laid out according to daily habits of people. We actually have several equipments that we freely lend to our clients :

- Variable-height beds
- Different kinds of shower chairs
- Preventive mattresses
- Wheelchairs
- Different transfer systems
- Different technical assistances
- Articulated arm for the pool

If you need more technical equipments that we do not have, we can make you an offer for a lend during your stay..

Technical Service

José is present in case of problems on your equipment He owns several equipments to be lent in case of serious breakdown.
He will also be able to listen to your advices for better adapting the house during your stay.


Our staff is trained to expectations and needs of disabled people. A third-person service on demand is possible after making an offer based on your needs.

Your health

Carole is a nurse but we are also in touch with a physical therapist who is able to come over.
Moreover, we are in touch with the Southern Private General Hospital which is registered and can support you in link with your usual doctor.
An insurance for assistance and rapatriation is mandatory